Rent, hire, buy true classic vintage

What we do

Welcome to the Oldskoolretro shopping experience. We are a dedicated team selling the very best of oldskool fashion. We are one of the very few online retailers that really gets to the core of truly retro trends. Oldskool is in our blood. Our dedication to retro fashions goes way back to our dads and their little second-hand store.

How we started

Me and my mate had 2 crazy dads who hung around together back in the day. They would sit in the pub and hussle, wheel and deal, selling second-hand clothes and footwear. With nothing more in mind than making a few quid and impressing the ladies. Then as their little dodgy scheme grew they started getting serious opening up small stalls across the city.

Getting bigger

They started to get to know some of the top wholesalers, and quickly became well known for branded vintage. Selling everything from rasta hats, fred perry jackets, flares and sneakers. My mates and me grew up in this enviorment. We used to laugh at what they sold as we though it was a load of old rubbish. But we now know what they sold was priceless.

Our dad's in their wheeler dealer days

Our progress

Taking over the business in early 2000 we promised to keep it real oldskool. We now  have warehouses in Bham and Wolverhampton with dedicated staff that strive to ensure only high quality retro styled vintage comes through our doors. Members of the public are not allowed to shop in our warehouses, online shoppers are our number one customers. 

We are also one of the leading wholesalers selling limited vintage pieces across the globe. We belive we have the combined knowledge to dress you up it the very best oldskool styles. 

Our team is passionate about providing vintage and retro pieces that shout individuality. Our main goal has always been to ensure the products we sell have good "staying power". This means to "stay cool forever" meaning if you look after your products, overtime as your product gets older you should have no problem in the future selling it and making a small profit, remember old is gold! 

Our Guarantee 

We guarentee the very best in customer care. Always ensuring to value every single customer just as our dads did. When you shop with, it will be hassle free, a no frills basic store so you can get on with your shopping. You will not receive constant emails, dead end offers, pointless pop ups and annoying reminders. This is how our dads would have wanted it. A no bullshit store! 

We also guarentee good communication throughout your buying process. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your parcel is packed which is normally the same day. Your parcel will be safe and securely packed for transit. And will not be left anywhere other than with you. You will need to sign for the package. Your goods are fully insured for loss or damage.

Our Brands.

We only sell the oldskool brands that rocked the oldskool fashion. Fila, Diadora, Adidas, Puma, Sergio to name a few. There is nothing that can beat the sportswear from the early days. The quality was second to none, the retro and sometimes very plain styles never go out of fashion. 

Our team is really focused when it comes to choosing stock. We always ensure to look for super cool styles, rare colours and pieces that will give you an individual look. Sometimes it doesnt matter what the brand is, its the style, rarity and quality that count. Even our add ons items will ensure you can mix and match and still look cool!

Our Formal wear.

We also sell the very best retro and vintage pieces selected by staff with years of vintage experience, including mens womens, jeans, skirts, shirts jumpers, dresses and coats, all of which are checked for high quality. Everything we sell must pass our "staying power challenge" we want you to keep and wear your treasured retro piece forever!! 

Our staff team

We now have a fantastic team with many years of fashion knowledge. The team is made up of all cultures and creeds. The current team has since worked together for over 13 years and is made up of staff from all walks of life, ensuring a good mixture of ideas, styles and knowledge. 

We all love what we do and are so into fashion. We hope that all our insight combined can give our customers exactly what they want. Although each staff member is different we all have one goal and that is to sell High quality retro styles that turn heads forever!


  Mark jenny                          Arron                                 Melissa