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  • true vintage original hi-tec silver shadow mark 1 size uk 7 1986

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    These are the very first issues of the hi-tec silver shadow, issued in 1986, with the original blue label on the center tongue. They have a bouncy sole and top quality silk and suede material. The silver shadow sneakers made hi-tec a house hold sports name. Back in the day they were not so cool as some of the leading sports brands, but hi-tec have managed to out run some of them as they still sell good quality products to this day, mostly being for outdoor activities more so than a fashion brand. The silver shadow still sells all over the globe, and has done so for over 40 years. However these ones are the true classics and its very doubtful you will come across a pair as old as these. Everything about these trainers shouts true vintage, they are a completely different shape and quality to any other younger silver shadow models. In great vintage condition size uk7. We feel the sneakers may be a slightly tight 7 if you have wider feet. So a size 6.5 will also apply to the trainers.These are a beautiful piece of history to wear or collect.