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Descriptions, Faults

We take pride in the retro pieces we sell. We always ensure if there are any faults that will affect the item they will be clearly listed. If there are any adjustments or repairs to the item they will also be clearly listed.


When we state an item being "in good vintage condition" this will refer to it being in a worn condition making it look very old in years but with plenty of life left. When we state something being "as new condition" this will refer to the fact that it has most likely been stored away or has had very little use. If an item is in "great condition" this will mean the item will have signs of light general wear with no concerns. When an item has been described as rare this will be due to a search on how many were issued, the issue date, and how often we have seen the item in our combined 25 years in fashion experience. When a item is described as limited this will mean a one off series was made with no more issues being released.

It is important to us that you get a true life picture of the product you are buying. Once you click onto the product description you will be shown true life photos, without any special lighting or photo-shop, just a truly naked picture. While this may seem amateur to some, for us it means every customer can see exactly what they are buying and the true condition of the product. 

Add on items

Add on items starting from as little as 35p! are the very best of our bargins all in one place, add ons can be added to orders over £5. You are free to buy lots of add ons as long as the total reaches our minimum spend of £5.  All items in this section will be in good wearable condition. As with all our products they will be freshly laundered and ready to wear. All items in this section are more likely to be ex-retail, used chainstore, end of line or simply out of season. Fantastic bargins to bring money saving joy to your order!

Date and descriptions

When listing dates on footwear, the information will be taken from the inside of the shoe or sneaker. If there is no date we will study the product and guarantee you all dates listed will be the correct date or very close to the original issue date. If you feel we have not listed a correct date, please email the team and we will sort it asap. We do not what to mislead any of our customers.


Size charts

We realise that some sizes may be smaller or larger than the label indicated. Every size listed will be a true size, if for example a vintage Nike sneaker states a size 7 and is clearly smaller the size will be listed at whatever we feel suits the shape or size so maybe listed as a 6 or 5.5 for example. We have many years experience of sizes and shapes so our judgment tends to be a realistic one. Below is a simple chart of what we measure when listing our clothing. We will always state measurements in inches measuring the length, the chest and sleeve. Below is an example of those areas we measure, also the chart gives a rough indication of what a small, medium or large lable size tends to measure.

Laundering, steam process

All our products including footwear goes through a basic steam clean process, ensuring your item reaches you in a good fresh condition. We use a very high quality power jet that ensures a very hot steam right through the item. We can ensure you your item will arrive clothes line fresh


All our branded sportswear goes through a varied number of checks to ensure authenticity. Here at Oldskoolretro authenticity is very important to us. We can assure you when you shop at Oldskoolretro you can forget about, fakes, lookalikes, ripoffs and counterfeit products because we have never, and will never sell them. The team are around to talk anytime about anything to do with oldskool!