There's nothing worse than paying top prices for an outfit to only wear it once. Looking at it in the wardrobe thinking what a waste of money it was! 

Not any more! Here at Oldskoolretro you can wear the most sort after limited vintage and unique styles for a price that suits your pocket. 


1. Firstly, it is very important you feel fully confident in parting with your deposit. 

One of our main priorities for our customers is that they know their deposits are safe. Once you have decided to hire you will receive a fully legitimate PayPal invoice stating your deposit is fully refundable. If you are paying your deposit via credit card, the funds do not leave your account they will simlpy be held back simlar to any other hiring 

This puts you in complete control. Once you have provided the tracking number after posting back, the parcel will head straight back to our warehouse. Once the tracking number is logged, PayPal or your credit card provider will release the deposit.

Quality cleanliness
2. Next we want to reassure you that we take every effort to ensure your product reaches you in a good clean and fresh state. We are confident that you will be able to wear your item as soon as you unwrap it. 

Even though most of our items are many years old, and have been worn, they will arrive freshly dry cleaned. You will not have to hang them out, or put fabric freshener on. The item will also arrive fully pressed. If you are hiring footwear you will also receive a spare set of insoles to use at your leisure. 

3. And finally our third fact is that we provide great understanding. We understand that the product may be used for a night out. We understand that you may miss post back dates. Our staff are trained in good customer service. We are never rigid with rules everyone is different with different circumstances. 

We have 4 members of our team who work only with our customers. Trained very well in customer service, their main goal is to ensure you have a good impression of the company. We understand that focusing on customer service rather than profit will eventually pay off! 

All the above facts we believe will give our customers are fantastic experience. 


Ok so you've found yourself on our hire page, this page can be found in the drop down shop menu.
In this category you will find all our products that are available to hire. 

Looking at the product description, you can view the purchase price, this will be displayed on the product before pressing any buttons. The price below the product is the full purchase price, paying this price means it's your to keep forever ok. 

However the other option is the HIRE option, by pressing this you will open a dropdown box which will tell you how much the item will cost to hire it for 1 week. If you choose this option you will receive free postage.

Let's look at an example below.

A customer is attending a show or night out and needs to impress! He looks on the HIRE product page and sees something he likes. He presses the HIRE FOR ONE WEEK option and goes to the check out.

At the checkout he is charged the hire price, plus the purchase price as a deposit. 

The jacket to hire costs £25, and the deposit is £85 total will be £110, he will then receive free delivery along with a free post back sack. After ONE WEEK he packs the item back into the post back bag, (simply take your post back bag to the post office it's all paid for!) 

He will then receive a receipt with a tracking number on it from the post office, he can then text over the tracking number to us. He can also track the item this way he can see where the item is.
Then as soon as it arrives into our warehouse he receives his deposit into his account for £85.  He has paid a total of £25 costs and nothing more!

Need to talk to us? Please use the email below.

Need more information, need to talk

1. The purchase price will become your deposit, which will be returned to you, guaranteed the next working day.

2. Please do not wash your item, the item once returned will be steamed and specially cleaned by our laundry staff.

3. Please only use your free post back sack for free post back delivery. This will ensure it gets back to us fully insured and guaranteed. Your track and sale number will also be visible.

4. We are very fair with wear and tear, we understand the item may be used for nights out, we understand there may be the odd dirt mark here and there, we are used to seeing Mark's around collars and cuffs, at the bottom of trousers. These can all be removed by our fantastic ARO jet steamers. 

However if there are stains that cannot be removed or lower the value of the item, rips or holes that are significant then your order may be passed over to our letstalk team, please be confident that what ever they decide to do will always be fair, every customer is of value to us.

ready to hire!

Meanwhile any questions or for a quick chat please mail the hire team at